Edmond Guidault

VP Operations & Finance

Edmond Guidault was born and grew up in France. As part of a dairy farming family for generations, originating in the north of the Loire Valley, he always felt a close tie to agriculture through his family’s heritage. As soon as he could legally work, he spent most of his summers working in greenhouses, fields and a local farmers’ market. Early on, he knew that his path would be somewhere in agriculture and he decided to join an Agriculture Engineering School, Purpan, in Toulouse.  He completed a five-year Bachelor and Master’s program in Agriculture, Food-Science, Marketing and Management. During this undergraduate and graduate program, he interned for the first time at a winery in California, studied abroad at Washington State University, and worked for seven months in the Food Science department of Cornell University, to complete his Master’s thesis research. After graduating, Edmond returned to the Finger Lakes in 2016, where he worked at Cornell AgriTech in the viticulture and enology program.  In 2019, he joined Natural Biologics in a consulting role as Operations Manager. In 2021, Edmond joined the team full-time and now oversees financial and inventory management, international registrations and logistics. You can contact Edmond here.