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Day: January 23, 2020

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Natural Biologics Pursues ASFv Solutions with International Collaboration

Natural Biologics, Inc., an animal health innovation company, has announced a new collaboration with the Antiviral Research Group at the Institute of Molecular Biology of NAS (Armenia).  This alliance is an important step in Natural Biologics’ search for unique solutions to emerging animal health challenges such as African Swine Fever (ASFv).
The Antiviral Research Group, under the leadership of Dr. Hovakim Zakaryan, has led a decade-long investigation into the ASFv pandemic. Over the last year, Natural Biologics has collaborated with Dr. Zakaryan, and Dr. Joshua Jackman of Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, to evaluate various membrane-active compounds as potential mitigants in the global fight against ASFv.
Initial results have been very promising, with some compounds showing both direct virucidal activity as well as additional disruptions of virus-host interactions.  To discover additional tools against ASFv, and other viruses afflicting livestock, the collaborators have also completed high-throughput screening of flavonoid compounds for anti-ASFv activity.  The team has identified several promising candidate compounds that will soon be investigated to understand the mode of action against this and other viruses.
“It is our objective, through globe-spanning collaborations, with true pioneers in animal health research, to rapidly identify, validate and introduce novel solutions to health challenges faced by livestock producers and their animals” noted Dr. Charlie Elrod, President and co-founder of Natural Biologics.  “Building an interdisciplinary team to truly innovate in the animal health arena is the only way that we will combat emerging animal health issues going forward.”
As data become available, Natural Biologics and the Antiviral Research Group will publish their research results and other information for the benefit of the livestock industry.

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